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So you’ve got the appetite for speed?  Successful drivers will all tell you that there is no substitute for sharpening your skills then seat time.  CAN-SAF offers great flexibility in assembling a package around your needs and wishes. 

Want to run in the Canadian Touring Car Championship for a race, or two or perhaps the season?  We can arrange that in our multiple race winning Mazdaspeed Protege, perfect for building your skills while still being a capable winner. 


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Packages can be custom tailored to your exact wishes; driver coaching, engineering feedback, hospitality and more.  Contact us for more information.

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Or perhaps you’ve run a season or two of regional racing with some good results and want to experience the world of professional racing, we can do that also.  Our World Challenge Mazda RX8 is meticulously maintained and has every possible engineering advancement on it without being too demanding on the driver.  It is a blast to drive, eats intimidating corners for breakfast!